Quoting Process 

We will meet with you at the premises to establish the scope of the painting project.. We answer any questions or concerns you may have about your project as well as colour preferences. We then then measure the project and provide a detailed proposal and quotation.


Scheduling and special requirements

It is important to us that we meet your requirements as to the scheduling of the project. When a signed proposal is received, the job is then programmed. We tell you the approximate start date and then keep you updated.


Start Date

A Paintland partner will meet you at your premises to introduce the team and deliver the bulk of the materials to be used. A site inspection is carried out with you and the foreman to ensure all areas have been covered. At this stage the deposit is required and the colour requirements discussed in order that samples can be obtained.


Work Process

We follow a tried and tested formula with all our contracts as follows:


  • High pressure washing to clean and remove all loose and flaking material. Please note that access to water and electricity is required.

  • Preparation work is carried out, such as opening of cracks and sealing them correctly. This is the most important part of a successful painting renovation.

  • Sealer coat applied to all raw and repaired areas.

  • Two final coats applied, according to finish required.



NB:  Midas Paints provide an additional service of certification that each procedure has been carried out correctly to give you total peace of mind




When the job is completed we undertake an inspection with you and thereafter the balance of payment becomes due and payable.